Toupee or not Toupee? That is the question.

Hair pieces (or ‘toupees’) are partial or full wigs created using either natural or synthetic hair. Hair pieces have multiple uses but are typically used to cover partial baldness, thinning tresses or for theatrical purposes to embody the likeness of a character from a script. While hair pieces of the past were mainly associated with men (to disguise a comb over not dissimilar to the badly hidden by Rab C Nesbitt), hair pieces nowadays can be worn by men, women, girls and boys alike for many purposes.

Hair pieces date back to 3100BC and responded to the long standing bias against balding that crossed cultures and although they remain popular now, hair pieces (like those produced in 19th century) weren’t always desirable and were in fact, itchy, painful and far from lifelike! During the 20th and 21st centuries however, it was estimated that over 350,000 men wore hair pieces and it was only then that hair pieces became commonplace. Indeed, by 1954 over $15million was made from hair pieces in the US alone and even more incredibly, by 1970, over 17 million people wore hair pieces on a daily basis!

While hair pieces of today are small- designed to cover small areas of hair loss at the top, nape and back of the head, larger hair pieces are not unheard of and can be custom made when needed to cover significant areas of thinning hair. And, for sufferers of Alopecia to those who simply ‘fancy a change;’ hair pieces are the more affordable, temporary alternative to expensive, time consuming hair extensions that do little other than cause a need to reach for the Nurofen.

Nowadays, hair pieces are so well- matched to a person’s natural hair colour that more often than not, they remain unnoticed and suppliers of hair pieces offer a wealth of guidance to ensure their products don’t diminish with age. Hair pieces can even be curled, straightened, coloured and styled now.

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