How A Solar Panel Installation Works

With a solar panel installation it is possible to enjoy what is essentially free electricity, provided by the power from the sun. The installation will usually be placed on the top of the building where it can collect solar energy even on cloudy days before converting this into AC voltage which can be used throughout your home as your primary source of electricity. Other solar panel installation options do exist and can be as simple as a system that heats your water to an all-encompassing electricity supply that feeds back into the grid.


Fortunately, the government is very keen on seeing more homes with solar installations and benefiting from renewable forms of energy. As such, not only do they offer a Feed In Tariff that pays you for all the electricity your system produces, but they also allow for roof installations to take place without planning consent as long as certain guidelines are followed.


Your installer will be able to talk you through the planning guidelines in order to ensure that you benefit from a system that not only creates green energy but does not require you to have to go through the lengthy process of applying for planning permission, assuming that you can have a roof installation. Ground installations will typically require planning permission but your installer should help you with this aspect of your installation.


A solar system can harness solar power even on cloudy days, although it will typically perform better on clear days. This means that you will produce some electricity throughout the year and because your system is tied in to the grid it means that when you don’t produce enough electricity for your home, your system will intelligently switch to drawing from the mains.


This same system which combines your own solar installation as well as the mains supply will enable you to benefit from the Government’s Feed In Tariff scheme too. You will be paid for every single KWh of electricity produced, even if you use it yourself. An additional payment is made for any surplus energy that is distributed back to the grid providing you with great savings and even a profit from your system.


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