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Devising a winning reputation management strategy often gets missed off the business agenda. However, this is a short sighted approach as within a short space of time negative listings could annihilate your company reputation. By taking a more proactive approach, you could ensure your online reputation management protects you from the ill effects of negative posts. Taking steps to create a range of well optimised and positive listings, you can safely protect yourself from the attacks of critics and limit any damage. Here are some ways you can put a robust Internet reputation management strategy in place:

Speak, invest, recruit and donate
This simple approach can be a powerful way of getting your company profile, links, brands and products circulated across the web.

Becoming a speaker at an event rarely costs anything other than travel costs and is an effective way of positioning your company as an industry authority. It is also great for raising awareness of your business and brand and will provide you with a wide range of opportunities to include a biography and links.

You can promote your business and its values by choosing not-for-profit organisations and other companies to invest in. Making donations and investing in others is a fabulous source of positive PR for your Internet reputation management. It will also boost the link value no end as the content can be used in press releases and news updates.

Using recruitment is a little different as the ads tend to be a temporary post. However, you can seek out recruitment agencies that keep company profiles listed on an ongoing basis if you use their services now and then. If you tend to advertise positions on your own site, look for other ways to get your company biography and links out there. If you are just thinking about creating a certain role its worth posting, as the effect on your reputation management can be significant.

Avoid Wikipedia
Although Wikipedia is often in the first few listings, be wary about including it in your online reputation management strategy.

To make a success of reputation management you need to have full control of the listings. If the listing allows others to add or edit the content, make comments, or add references then before you know it you could have a negative listing instead. On the other hand, Wikipedia does have a huge amount of search engine clout and ranks highly. Regardless of this, steer clear to limit the risk of it mutating into a negative listing – after all, this would ensure a bad post within the top three positions. This can also be true for other sites, so look into each one carefully and assess the level of control you would have. LinkedIn, Flickr and Twitter offer you significant controls over your profile as long as you stick to their guidelines.

Use link value well
Links that have a lower value should not be pointed to your websites and domains. Direct them instead to social networking profiles on sites that have a high rank and authority. This is a good approach for nofollows.

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