Why buy one onesie when you can have twoesie onesies?

If you run to the kettle upon return from work in eager anticipation of the hot steaming brew that awaits you after a long hot soak in the bathtub or if you and your family huddle like penguins under a 60watt lightbulb in the lounge just to generate heat, then a onesie for everyone is needed urgently.

As a nation of sun- loving individuals who gets their kit off at the merest hint of sunshine yet a contingent that appears to attract the sun wherever they go; a onesie is like becoming the human embodiment of a sausage roll. Indeed, in a onesie you’ll be feelin’ hot, hot, hot like the jam in a freshly toasted Pop Tart or even the hot chip slipped a little too hungrily into ones mouth after a mammoth day at Blackpool Pleasure Beach before you can utter the words “turn up the heating, love!”. A onesie is satisfying snug, comforting and cosy and can make a whole world of wrong seem right again.

So many people spend their days at work thinking the same thing – “I can’t wait to get home into my Pyjamas” – but that’s where a onesie differs. One onesie is never the same as the next onesie and where one onesie could be perfect for the home (and the home alone); another onesie could be so fashion- forward that it wouldn’t look out of place on Gok’s Fashion Fix; perfect for walking the dog or even picking the kids up from school.

Everyone can benefit from a onesie. From little one’s feeling a bit chilly after particularly teeth- chattering walk in the countryside to big kids who need more than a water bottle to warm them after a night on the tiles; a onesie is ultimate alternative to other nightwear that leaves the extremities exposed.

Don’t make a fashion faux pas. Jump into a onesie today from www.hugfactory.co.uk – feet first only please!



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