The right African Hardwood for you

Good quality timber is the foundation for long lasting furniture, decking and flooring. Durability and attractiveness means that African hardwood is the first choice for most types of timber construction.

Generally speaking, African hardwood, with its complex structure, is a more durable option than softwood and helps to produce longer lasting items. However it can be confusing to lump all African hardwood together as there is a huge variety of different types of African hardwood; each one with its own characteristics, features and appearance.

Hardpear is a popular choice of African hardwood. With a yellow to red hue and close grain, the type of African hardwood is hard and strong; however care must be taken to prepare it correctly to avoid splitting. Strong, high speed tools are needed to work with this type of African hardwood. In contrast, white alder African hardwood is easy to saw by hand and has a smooth finish. Its fine grain means it’s fairly durable and it’s often used for furniture. Zambezi Teak African hardwood, with its strong interlocking grain, is ideal for outside use. Its attractive appearance makes it a popular choice for many and one of its most common uses is flooring.

If you’re a confident craftsmen then you may choose to treat and cut African hardwood yourself, however many people entrust the preparation of their African hardwood to expert tradesmen who have the relevant expertise and tools to prepare the timber to your desired requirements. Whether you’re using African hardwood for flooring, furniture or a decorative ornament, skilled tradesmen can treat, plane and cut your wood to your exact specifications so it’s ready for immediate use.

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