Explaining Water Abstraction

Water abstraction systems are used in many different industries and for a number of different purposes. Water abstraction is the process of taking water from a source to use it for a specific purpose. The water may be taken temporality or permanently and this method is widely used around the world for irrigation and to treat drinking water to make it safe. In order to carry out water abstraction special pumps will be required to ensure the water that is abstracted in clean. There are dedicated companies who specialise in supplying, installing, commissioning and maintaining all types of pumps and pumping equipment and these are the people to contact for all types of water abstraction systems.

Water abstraction is the most effective method for collection clean water. It requires a borehole to be drilled and then pumps and controls to be commissioned that will ensure the water can be accessed quickly and effectively as and when it is required. When a water abstraction system is put in place it may require pressure booster sets and or filtration equipment that will help to guarantee safe drinking water at a suitable pressure. Companies who offer water abstraction and transfer will also tend to offer a number of other pump related services such as pressure boosting, pumps and equipment for sewage treatment plants, waste water drainage, food and beverages, oil fuel transfer, pharmaceutical and chemical processing, water treatment and dosing, building services, electrical contracting, industrial boiler feed and irrigation and water architecture pumps and equipment.

Companies who work on sewage treatment plants will have consultants who can advise on all aspects of pump selection including selection, installation and technical information to ensure the right pump systems is chosen for the intended application. Pump selection is vital for both water abstraction and sewage treatment plants and without the correct pumps the systems will be ineffective. It will be possible for engineers to commission bespoke water abstraction and sewage treatment plants equipment and pumps for customers who require a bespoke pump.

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