Filterite Finishing Systems – top quality spray booth filters, helping to lesson negative environmental impact

A pressure controlled and closed environment, a spray booth is designed to facilitate the reduction in harmful pollutants caused when spray painting. Equipped with sophisticated ventilation systems that work to better assist the removal of paint from the atmosphere, these systems use spray booth filters to help absorb and collect the particles.

Unfortunately, without proper care and attention, these spray booth filters can deteriorate over time. If the spray booth filters in your booth are old, there’s a high possibility that your spray booth filters aren’t adequately collecting the paint particles, and allowing them to enter into the atmosphere easily.

Specialising in high quality spray booth filters, Filterite Finishing Systems are a company who pride themselves on their ability to provide their customers with the spray booth filters they need to ensure their compliance with health and safety legislation and environmental best practice.

Manufactured to the highest standards, their spray booth filters are some of the best spray booth filters currently available on the market, offering an unrivalled level of protection.

As well as their spray booth filters, Filterite Finishing Systems also specialise in a number of spray booths, both new and reconditioned.

To ensure that their spray booths continue to operate at their best, Filterite Finishing Systems provide a service and repair service. Utilising all the skills and technical knowhow they’ve managed to develop over the course of their long history, the team at Filterite Finishing Systems are able to repair most leading makes of pumps and spray equipment and can work either in their own workshop or on site, at your place of work.

To find out more about the spray booth filters from Filterite Finishing Systems, visit them online today and ensure that you lessen your negative environmental impact with spray booth filters designed to catch those harmful particles.

Spray Booth Filters with We provide our customers with high quality filtration and spray technology products and services. This includes upgrading current booths or service repairs to the sale of reconditioned equipment and Paint Spray Booth.

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