Improve your chances of employment with Silver Trowel’s premiere City and Guilds plastering courses.

With the economy in the UK at an all time low and many people out of work, we have had to rethink our career options and many people are now considering learning a professional trade such as plastering, pluming or becoming an electrician. A skilled trade is considered a safer option for gaining employment and continuous work. Silver Trowel Ltd can provide the skills necessary to set you off on your career or help you retrain.

Silver Trowel Ltd are a private training firm specialsing in providing all the necessary skills and accreditations through our wide range of plastering course Hampshire. Our training facility is based in Aldershot, Hampshire ideally situated to accommodate people from all over the county with superb transport links. With superb facilities which help with both practical and theory learning, coupled with fantastically competitive city and guilds plastering courses and with an excellent calibre of teaching we are widely regarded as the very best for plastering courses Hampshire.

Our students are very often older having already had a career in a different field, our teaching staff emphathise with all of our students without ever being patronising. Each tutor is fully qualified and highly skilled and have a wealth of experience both in plastering as well as teaching. No matter what your background, your age or your skills our team are determined to provide the very best plastering courses Hampshire for your specific requirements.

The courses range in qualification, length and price we cover everything from 5 day foundation courses up to 5 week City and Guilds courses we even facilitate weekend courses to fit in with your busy lives styles. Each course is industry recognised and approved by City and Guilds contact us online at or call one of our advisors on 01252 447868 where we will direct you to the best course for your specifics.



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