The various Commercial Window Cleaning techniques

Commercial window cleaning is a service that many commercial businesses require to keep their premises looking clean and presentable. Many commercial cleaning companies will specialise in commercial window cleaning and they will have all the necessary equipment to carry out window cleaning on almost any kind of building and at any height. Many commercial buildings are very tall and this is why people require specialist commercial window cleaning companies who have all the necessary equipment, skills and trained staff to provide safe and reliable cleaning services. Commercial window cleaning can be risky work for the cleaning operatives and they will need to have thorough training before they carry out work at height to ensure employers are following all the necessary health and safety guidelines to protect their staff from harm.

Commercial window cleaning companies should have a range of window cleaning equipment. Window cleaning in Eastbourne can be done using water fed poles, reach and wash systems, hydraulic platforms, abseiling, cradles, harnesses and eyebolts and ladders and squeegees depending on the height of the windows and the type of building that needs to be cleaned. Many window cleaning Eastbourne companies will use water fed poles and these can be used to clean to up 70ft which is about 6 storeys. It allows cleaners to reach previously inaccessible windows, they can be used to clean frames, it maintains privacy as cleaners aren’t looking in all the windows as they clean and this method of commercial window cleaning means that cleaners are safe on the ground.

For windows that are very tall abseiling and hydraulic platforms will need to be used to gain access to the higher windows that cannot be reached with a water fed pole. This type of commercial window cleaning is the type that poses the most risk for workers and where training is essential. Safety equipment is essential for commercial window cleaning at height and the window cleaning Eastbourne Company will put all necessary safety precautions in place before the commercial window cleaning starts.

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