Tribal Earth – environmentally friendly yoga mats

If you’re a beginner to yoga you may have begun to practice using any old mat that you had lying around the house; shag rug, a weightlifting mat or some such flat piece of material. Unfortunately, as clever as you may have thought this act of multi-purpose rug utilisation might have been, you may already have begun to suffer a number of adverse effects.

With these mats ill-sufficient to provide the level of comfort that more specialised yoga mats are capable of, you might find that you begin to suffer from aches and pains that only serve to impede your range of bodily movements, and negatively impacting on your yoga performance.

Specialising in a wide range of yoga mats that are designed with comfort and good yoga practice in mind, Tribal Earth are a company who pride themselves o their natural yoga products, helping practitioners everywhere achieve better mental and physical states.

The Asana Eco yoga mats from Tribal Earth are some of the most popular yoga mats they offer. With all the benefits of standard non-slip yoga mats, the Asana Eco range features a cushioned and textured design, perfect for those workouts. Free from latex and rubber, these yoga mats are made from an innovative, non-toxic resin known as polymer environmental resin.

For those looking for portable yoga mats, the Evolution yoga mats from Tribal Earth feature a carry strap that facilitates easy portability, allowing you to practice wherever you like, whenever the compulsion grips you.

As well as their range of yoga mats, Tribal Earth also specialise in a number of other yoga products, with a large range of yoga clothes as well as a number of yoga workshops.

To find out more about the yoga mats from Tribal Earth, visit them online today and ensure a level of comfort when practicing your tricky, semi-meditative poses with quality yoga mats made from natural materials.

Yoga Mats with We supply our customers with a wide range of high quality yoga clothes and products, yoga workshops and yoga classes. Visit us today for more information on our Tribal earth natural Yoga Clothes.

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