How an Oracle Partner can help get the best from your business

Large companies and organisations rely on databases to keep track of all their processes and different types of data. In this day and age, it would be almost impossible for such organisations to function without working databases.

Take, for example an insurance company. It needs to keep track of types of insurance offered, and the various packages offered to different customers. Even with just one insurance type, for instance motor vehicle insurance, all sorts of details about the vehicle, including its location, need to be recorded. Then there are all the details of its owner or owners. Plus, reminders need to be sent out to be customers when their policies are due for renewal.

As well as this, internal company processes, including HR systems, accounting, and procurement, all need to be maintained.

The database requirements for a large-scale insurance company are simply massive. Oracle software, and its accompanying hardware configurations, would be able to meet these requirements. Oracle has been a key player in enterprise databases since the 1970 and the range of services and products this company offers is second to none.

However, any company adopting Oracle systems will require high-level support to get the best out of them. Here at Quantix, we are an Oracle Platinum partner and can provide just the kind of support and expertise your company may be seeking. “Oracle Partner” status means that Oracle officially recognises our achievements and skills in managing Oracle systems.

We are flexible in the range of services we, from in-house consultancy, advising you on how to optimise and fine-tune Oracle databases, as well as front-end Oracle applications such as Oracle E-Business Suite. We also offer a highly robust cloud service, uniquely adapted to Oracle systems, called “OraCloud”.

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