Different Types of Antique Tables

Antique tables, mirrors, chandeliers are types of antique or Victorian furniture that has become fashionable and popular in both modern day and traditional style houses. High quality and authentic antique tables are treasures that are fun to search for and rewarding to find. When going antique or Victorian furniture shopping, it is always recommended to have an open mind to avoid disappointment if you can’t find the exact match you’re looking for. You may have an idea of what size and type of antique tables you want in your home but it’s luck and hard work that will help you find the antique tables you’re after. There are many types of antique tables from dressing antique tables, coffee tables, writing desk tables, bedside tables, trunks, games and tea tables, side tables, dining tables and many other types of antique tables. Occasional and side antique tables are highly functional where you can store your trinkets and other bits and pieces in the small discreet drawers or shelves that add character to the antique tables. You can also frequently find Victorian furniture buffet serving trolley table where it was common for households to serve dinner in a serving trolley or buffet side table. Buffet trolleys or antique tables usually have cupboard doors to keep food warmer than if the plates were left out in the open. Decorative antique tables that are in better condition is sometimes easier to find than functional antique tables that are used on a daily basis. Decorative antique tables such as dressing antique tables tend to be kept in top perfect condition as they were mainly used by ladies or regents in luxuriously decorated boudoirs. Whereas antique dining tables or kitchen tables where food was prepared or served is likely to show historic knocks, marks, stains, alterations or imperfections which add charm and character to the Victorian furniture. Well used antique tables are built to last and have proved their durability if they are still solid and only have aesthetic imperfections after all these years.

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