Looking for fairy wings? Look no further than Cutie Tutu

So you’re looking for those fancy dress items and accessories for your daughter who’s got a party coming up, but is lacking a costume.

If you’ve been traipsing round the high street shops looking for fairy wings to compete those fairy outfits, you might have returned home in a furious mood. Frustrated with the poor selection and cheap, tired designs, you might start to envisage yourself cutting fairy wings from old cardboard boxes in a vain attempt to provide your daughter with the fairy wings she’s looking for – but with no design experience you’ll just end up with cheap, tired designs … only this time fashioned from cardboard.

Well, don’t despair, not all’s lost. If you’re looking for fairy wings, there are a few places that still keep an eye on quality and appreciate the odd, innovative, creative design here and there.

Specialising in high quality fancy dress costumes and accessories, Cutie Tutu are a company who pride themselves on their ability to provide their customers with the quality clothing they’re looking for – so the next time you’re looking for fairy wings, you’ll know where to look.

The fairy wings from Cutie Tutu include the Love Heart fairy wings. Featuring a large love heart pair of fairy wings, these fairy wings also feature a number of red love hearts. Matching perfectly with a pair of love heart antennae, these fairy wings are the perfect choice for anyone looking to head to the party as a love bug or other such cute and fictional entities.

As well as their fairy wings, Cutie Tutu also have a great selection of other accessories and clothes. To find out more about Cutie Tutu and to see their entire range of fancy dresses and fairy wings, visit them online today and make sure you get the quality costumes you need when you need them.

Fairy Wings with cutietutu.co.uk. We supply our customers with a large range of girly clothing, accessories, jewelry and dancewear. Visit us today to view our gorgeous Princess Accessories.

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