Property Recruitment

“When I’m older I want to be a…” are words that come out of every child’s mouth at some point or another. The finishing words may differ but the openers remain the same. Some children want to be the next Fireman Sam whilst others would love to be the embodiment of Barbie and strut their stuff on the catwalk at a future London Fashion Week but to be fair, not many would state ‘Estate Agent’ as their preferred future career direction.

As the years pass by however, many more people are turning to estate agency to make some hard earned cash. As a hard work yet top dollar vocation; estate agencies are finding it ever more troublesome to find someone worthy of their desk space and the word on the street is that you have to use a specialist property recruitment company just to find an estate agent worth their weight in gold.

Cavendish Careers are experts in perfectly suited property recruitment services and of all other property recruitment agencies throughout the country are reigning supreme as being the company able to search for – and find – the perfect applicant to fill any estate agent position around.

Property recruitment needn’t be as enigmatic as it is and the process really is as simple as ‘Going, going, gone.’ The property recruitment process at grass roots level begins at attracting new candidates to the Cavendish website where they submit a CV. Once received an applicant’s CV is pooled with others for the perusal of a qualified property recruitment consultant who will cherry pick an individual should the perfect job opportunity arise. A property recruitment consultant’s main aim is to filter the ‘good’ from the ‘great’ before offering estate agencies a selection of suitable candidates for the roles they are attempting to fill.

Upon completion of these initial stages of the property recruitment procedure, autonomy is given to the service users themselves and the interview stage occurs. ‘Successful’ property recruitment is defined by the creation of happy two- way working dynamic and hopefully during this pivotal stage one of the applicants initially highlighted for being ‘suitable’ will be chosen and employed.

The property recruitment process doesn’t stop there however and Cavendish is passionate about providing ongoing support and guidance to unsuccessful applicants; to improve their future chances elsewhere.

To speak to one of the Cavendish property recruitment consultants call today on 0207 189 5529.


Property Recruitment with We provide our customers with a high quality property recruitment agency service for the London area. We take away the stress from our customers when it comes to recruiting new staff so visit us for effective Property Recruitment Agencies.