Yummy, Scrummy Houmous; Healthy, Tasty and Nutritious

Greece is a food haven as it has so many wonderful delights which are staple national dishes. From moussaka to stuffed vine leaves, kleftico, pastourmas sausages and halloumi cheese; there is something for everyone. Militant veggies will love the thought of houmous as it is healthy and nutritious as well as simple to make. Yet however easy it is for you to whip houmous up it has to TASTE as good as it looks. Sloppy, gloopy houmous does not an attractive side dish make, and houmous which is not balanced in flavour and texture is just bland, uninteresting and unappetizing. You want to be wowed by houmous and tell all your chums-veggie or not- about the new taste sensation on the market. Even the most hardened of carnivores needs to stop and go, “Blimey, this houmous is amazing! No meat? What, NONE AT ALL??? Oh well, im just going to stuff my face with pitta and houmous until I cannot move. Pass us that glass of Ouzo, will ya?”

This is the glory that houmous from ramonaskitchen.com brings to an occasion. Formal dining needs to have houmous as an accompaniment to dipping devices such as breadsticks, juliennes of carrots, celery and cucumber and even nachos for the not so health-conscious amongst us. If you are just having chums round then houmous is a coffee table staple along with crudités and ice cold wine chilled straight from the fridge. Lovely company, plentiful drink and irresistible houmous; sheer bliss!

Houmous comes in an assortment of various guises for you to sample at your leisure; from good old tried-and –tested traditional houmous to roasted red pepper and lemon and coriander houmous. If you like to live dangerously or want to add a bit of spice into the mix then houmous with chilli will be right up your street. Mmmm, yummy! Authentic houmous is rather hard to come by but at http://www.ramonaskitchen.com we have bucketloads of the stuff. Team houmous with falafel and you have a winning combination. Like Rooney and Welbeck; Ant and Dec; Simon and Garfunkel and Torvill and Dean; these two are perfect when paired together. Who would want one without the other? Can you imagine one Righteous Brother or a single Proclaimer? Cannon without Ball? Morecambe without Wise? I think not! It would be an unmitigated disaster!



If you want to sample the most delicious houmous then ramonaskitchen.com has all you could possibly require. Our yummy falafel is healthy and nutritious and never fails to entice and impress all comers.