AutoCAD is an advanced graphic design package that has found use in many different industries by engineers, architects, designers, and other professionals. It can be used to create both 2D and 3D designs and plans and has enjoyed a long history of being the chosen application for creating in-depth blueprints and building plans in considerably less time and with greater precision than would be possible if the same project were attempted by hand.

One of the more common uses of this Computer Aided Design application is to draw up building blueprints and designs for construction. It enables the overlaying of various different levels which means that designers can print or share specific sections with certain groups of people. The blueprints not only include minute details such as the thickness of walls but also the precise placement of plumbing and electric wiring.

Interior designers may also find benefit from this program. They can use existing plans and overlay their own changes, which can be provided to construction companies as the basis for a renovation plan. The designs can also be used for material ordering and for project management and project tracking as well as invoicing and costing. Thanks to the range of plugins and additional packages that can be added to the software it is possible to convert an AutoCAD application into a multi-functional design and project management program.

The precision that is afforded to users means that the software can be used for designing any building and a variety of other items. Machines, which typically require very careful planning and the use of almost microscopic measurements, can be created on the design package. It can be used to create three dimensional renderings of the item being designed which can prove highly beneficial to the engineer especially in the creation of complex machinery.

Beyond the design and development stage, the CAD platform offers the opportunity for spreadsheets, word processor documents, and other documents and files to be added to the design and drawings. This makes the sharing and dissemination of information much easier and more convenient which, in turn, means that it is ideal as a collaborative tool too.

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