Does Your Business Need Compressed Air?

Compressed air is a stored energy source and on release the air can be used to power many different types of machinery and mechanical item. Compressors are used in a great many ways in virtually all forms of industry and in many different types of manufacturing process. Typically, the air is compressed using electricity or another form of energy to power a compressor and there are a number of different types and forms of compressor that are available each offering their own advantages and benefits when compared to the others.

For light industrial use, reciprocating compressors are the more popular option. They are affordable and although they typically work mechanically they still offer good air levels at decent compression. Pistons are usually powered by electric, although some may have their own generator, and these force air into a high pressure tank where it is stored. The air is generally released by triggering a valve.

The benefits of using reciprocating air compressors is that they are usually lightweight and portable so they can even find use in a residential or home setting. They are also more affordable than their rotary screw compressors which are generally designed for and used in heavy industry where there is a greater requirement for considerably greater levels of air compression and air release.

A reciprocating screw uses two screws in place of pistons in order to generate compressed air. Increased pressure and improved air flow are delivered using this method which means that these machines are more popular for use in industry. However, for heavy industrial use, a two stage reciprocating air compressor may be necessary because this produces even more air flow and pressure but minimise the amount of heat that is created in the process. This makes these models more energy efficient and safer to use in virtually all conditions.

There are many models of compressor that can be used in a variety of different settings and to meet many different requirements. The basic choice is whether you want the portability and affordability of a piston compressor or you require the additional power and minimal heat output of a rotary screw compressor.

If your business has a demand for the power that is produced by compressed air then you should consider investing in either a reciprocating (piston) compressor or a rotary screw compressor, both of which are available from

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