Mysteria Paranormal Events will provide the most enthralling ghost hunting experience for you!

Investigations into the paranormal world have been going on since the beginning of time, this fascination into ghost hunting has increased in recent years due to the popular television programmes such as Most Haunted, now with increased technology, education and research we are able to consider things that were previously outside of the realms of possibility whether you are a sceptic or a firm believer you can’t help but be intrigued by ghost hunting. People are increasingly fascinated about ghost hunting and perhaps more open to sightings and really want to know more. At Mysteria Paranormal Events we would invite all our guests to expect the unexpected and be prepared for some unnerving and real experiences!

Mysteria Paranormal Events based in Oldham was set up and is run by passionate paranormal investigator John Blackurn, since being a young boy John has had many paranormal experiences and has been part of two private paranormal research teams as well as being in this business for many years he has an unrivalled passion for the past life. His enthusiasm shines through all the planned activities and the fantastic haunted weekend came about in order to bring his findings to the masses, incorporating fun, excitement and a truly unique experience for individuals, friends or even corporate team building weekends. Each member is determined to bring you the most fantastically entertaining ghost hunting weekend available.

We have secured many of the UK’s most renowned haunted locations throughout the country and organise your haunted weekend accordingly. Some of our most popular events are in the Wasdale Hall in the Lake District, the former witches prison “The Cage” and Chillingham Castle widely regarded as Britain’s most haunted castle. Our team can provide superb food, drinks and accommodation (though you may not sleep too much!)

Rest assured the ghost hunting is not a gimmick, you will be working with trained professionals who will not put on a show what you see during the haunted weekend is real!

will provide the most enthralling ghost hunting weekend for you!



Ghost Hunting from Visit the most haunted sites in the UK for the thrills of your life. Visit us for Haunted Weekend.