ATTV Television Productions: Providing Infallible Solutions to Failing Businesses.

You’ve got 30 seconds to sum up your entire company on a showreel. Which bits do you include and which do you leave out? Does Pat from HR- including her ginger bouffant, halitosis and gnawed finger nails- get a showcase as narrator to provide the ongoing commentary that backs up your series of images or, do you ‘accidently’ forget to remind her of the auditions? And who gets to take centre stage: you, as company director, highly professional and well-groomed or Clive, longest standing employee with more years on the clock than your beloved 1970’s Beemer? All of these tough choices and that’s before you even break open the tripod!

There’s no such thing as ‘novice’ television productions and to be effective, television productions must be expertly undertaken; directed, produced and shot seamlessly with professionalism and knowledge ti meet your organisation’s needs. For example, television productions per se for a veterinary surgery may entail the continual following of a surgical procedure, including video evidence of their customer service standard and an in-depth view of what goes on in the operating theatre; whereas ‘television productions’ to a hair salon may be fun and flamboyant; a flavour of what goes on behind the glamorous curtains of their workplace- where lacklustre locks are transformed into tremendous tresses at the blink of an eye. These television productions may focus more on the ‘makeover’ process as opposed to what work goes into the background proceedings.

For ATTV Television Productions, it’s all about the concept; ‘that singular, elegant and killer idea’ that will take your company from zero to hero at breakneck speed. They take a simple approach to television productions and turn your amateur showreel into something spectacular! Sure, they’ve got the technical skills to produce something silver screen worthy of Hollywood Broadway but, if you want something a little more discreet and professional, ATTV can accommodate that too. They know how to use their knowledge and discretion to create seamless corporate television productions and they just don’t need a showreel to prove it!

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