Sapphire Spinning can provide you with metal spinners that are of the finest calibre

Are you looking for a business that can offer you a selection of metal spinners that are as effortlessly-crafted as they are affordable? Have you flipped endlessly through the Yellow Pages in an effort to find a metal spinning business that is renowned for its quality, and sure to cater to your individual requirements, only to be left distinctly underwhelmed with the distinct lack of options? If so then the only name that you need to consider is Sapphire Spinning.

Here at Sapphire Spinning we have a wealth of experience, and are proud to be considered one of the principal metal spinners in the UK. Whether you have a substantial order that must be completed in a timely manner, or indeed if you have a specific size in mind, and require a business such as ours to provide you with just the products for you, then you need only consider Sapphire Spinning.

As metal spinners of superlative calibre we are able to offer you a wide range of metal spinning for commercial and industrial customers for industries as diverse as oil and gas, aerospace and motor sport. Our metal spinners can design all manner of products in diameter. From fifty millimetres to one thousand six hundred millimetres and a material spinning range of nought point seven to twelve millimetres there is little doubt that our precision metal spinners can and will design you products that are perfect for your individual application.

All of the metal spinners that we employ have been highly-trained. The products that we supply have undergone rigorous inspections, and as an essential element of the continuing maintenance and development of the business and company objectives we have recently installed a quality management system to ISO 9001:2008 standards.

To find out more information about our metal spinners, or indeed if you’d like to ask any bespoke requirements of us, then come online to:



Metal Spinners from We specialise in spinning products and with our technology we even are able to add the tiniest of details. Visit us today if you are looking for a Metal Spinning.