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Do you remember the scene from Gimme Gimme Gimme where wannabe actor- Thomas Thessolunious ‘Tom’ Farrell- decides that he can do a better job of his theatrical make up for his latest role in ‘Salmon’ – a surreal Japanese play starring ‘Tom Cruise?’ He removed his professionally-applied theatrical make up in a single flourish with a baby wipe and reapplied his version of ‘theatrical make up’ to replace it. He used ruby-red rouge lipstick to make two identical circular shapes on his cheeks; peacock blue eye shadow on his eyelids to open widen his gaze and, to attract the audience’s attention to his expressive eyes; Tom continued to apply a thick brown substance to the corners of his eyes which if anything, gave the illusion of a man who’d failed to sleep for over a month!

If you are directing or starring in a stage show, take heed from Tom’s experience of self-applying theatrical make up and learn from his mistakes. To apply theatrical make up, like filling a tooth, cutting someone’s hair or treating someone’s cat for worms; is a skill and the supply of theatrical make up upon completion of a stage make up qualification, must be of a superior standard to the make up you find on the counters at Boots should it be effective.

If your profession lies in theatrical make up and you are struggling to find affordable, high-end theatrical make up on the high street, take to the World Wide Web and click onto to pull the curtains from an vast, enviable range of 100%, branded theatrical make up; ready and waiting for you to purchase immediately.

Stocking anything from Stargazer UV theatrical make up- perfect for nocturnal productions- to primary, secondary and comprehensive theatrical make up kits- ideal for a range of theatre shows- Lancelyn Theatre Supplies are fast becoming the UK leading suppliers of anything to do with the theatre and acting.

Lancelyn Theatre Supplies are an experienced, knowledgable team of individuals who remain dedicated to scouting the theatrical make up market on a daily basis for new revolutionary introductions to the industry. They know all the ‘guff’ about safety legislation and are as ardently committed to your audience’s safety as they are to ensuring a gloriously successful production.

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