Know what to do and look out for after taking Levonelle

When women buy Levonelle online, they are provided with all the relevant information they need about taking it by the UK registered doctors who issue online pharmacy prescriptions. However, female patients are additionally offered further advice and instructions that extend beyond the actual taking of the medication and any potential side effects that might occur as a direct result of their dosages. It is important that women heed the advice they receive, allowing them to know what to look out for and what to do during the month after taking either Levonelle 1500 or Levonelle One Step.

Women need to be acutely aware that neither type of Levonelle provides them with contraceptive protection. Therefore, during the rest of the month until their next period arrives, they need to either ensure the use of condoms, or avoid sexual intercourse to alleviate the risk of unwanted pregnancy.

Furthermore, whilst the morning after pill is extremely effective and reliable when taken correctly, it is not infallible, although its failure rate is estimated to be less then 10%. After taking Levonelle, the next period can come slightly earlier or slightly later than anticipated, so women should seek medical advice if they fail to menstruate on the expected date. While this may be a natural fluctuation in monthly cycle, it is important to check for pregnancy.

Any women who suffer from irregular bleeding or stomach pains during the weeks after taking Levonelle should also refer back their online pharmacy doctor in case of ectopic pregnancy. Such cases are uncommon, but the morning after pill does not offer protection against this condition.

At Nationwide Pharmacies, our services extend beyond offering female patients the opportunity to conveniently buy Levonelle online. As a genuine and quality online pharmacy, we take great pride in our prescription services and also in the duty of care that our patients can take for granted when obtaining Levonelle and after taking it.

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