To choose from a selection of bridging finance then you need only consider Lerwick Group

Are you on the hunt for a business that can offer you a selection of bridging finance that perfectly caters to your individual requirements? Have you comprehensively researched a number of bridging finance companies in an effort to find that plan that is best-suited to your personal circumstances? If so, and you’re still looking for a business that can offer you a choice for all manner of bridging finance then you need to contact Lerwick Group.

Here at Lerwick Group we offer our customers a flexible solution to finding a bridging loan. If you’re looking to acquire a business and progress in your career then the bridging finance of Lerwick Group is a sure-fire way to get ahead.

Indeed, whether you are intent on purchasing a premises ay auction, and time is of the essence or indeed you just do not have the time to put a mortgage in place, then the bridging finance of Lerwick Group could provide you with the answer.

With bridging finance it is often possible to finance a situation to buy a property based on its own value, even though the price of the property is substantially lower. The bridging finance is possible for a number of different reasons. Firstly, here at Lerwick Group we can offer you bridging finance from the value of forty thousand to two million pounds. There is no non status and self cert facilities available for people without proof of income. The final circumstance where bridging finance is integral is if you are someone that has suffered arrears, defaults or county court judgements that cannot be reasonably explained.

To find out more information about the selection of finance that we can offer you, or indeed if you’d like to ask any questions of us whatsoever then you need to come directly to our website at:



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