Just how fast are high speed doors?

When I was a student I worked at a factory that was in the process of replacing roller shutters West Midlands with a range of high speed doors. Being young and somewhat naïve I’d never heard of high speed doors before, surely doors opened as fast you could push or pull them. I quickly realised that high speed doors weren’t like normal doors, where had I been all my life? It transpired that high speed doors were actually very clever products, namely automated products that were designed to open and close quicker than other door solutions for specific applications. I was impressed with the high speed doors when they were finally installed and understood completely why the company I was working for had fitted the doors in the first place.

Why bother with high speed doors?

Okay; maybe that thought did cross my mind originally, I was young and had only ever seen roller shutters West Midlands in action back in those days. I can remember having a chat with one of the engineers that installed the high speed doors and he put me straight on a few facts. He told me high speed doors were handy to use in factories and storage depots, they helped to retain heat in a building, improve traffic control and keep vermin and bugs out of factories as well. Apparently each set of high speed doors improved security they helped to reduce noise levels and could be activated by a number of methods. The high speed doors that were being fitted at the factory I worked at were going to be triggered by photocell system but other ways of opening and closing them were also available.

How fast were the high speed doors?

In all honesty I’m not that sure. They did seem to open and close rather quickly I can say that about high speed doors, certainly they were much quicker than roller shutters West Midlands. It was a fun summer when I worked at the factory when I was student and it gave me a brief insight into high speed doors. The one thing I do remember about the high speed doors is they definitely improved conditions at the depot, I can see why they’re such popular types of access systems.



Our depot refit meant that we needed to find someone who could supply and install high speed doors. We’ve used a roller shutters West Midlands company called Premier Electrical Services for some time, but there’s a lot to understand before you buy.