Different Types of Velcro

Velcro is used on a wide range of products and come in a variety of ways such as velcro cable ties and velcro tape, velcro by the case, self adhesive, sew on velcro, heavy duty velcro, and velcro dots and coins. Velcro by the tape is available in either white or black and is most useful when a large volume of velcro is needed and for multiple purposes. Velcro by the tape is wrapped round a roll where each case can carry as much as 25 metres of velcro and the most common widths are between 20mm to 50mm wide. There are two parts of velcro – hook and loop – when both sides are stuck on top of each other, a super strong fastening is created. When purchasing velcro by the tape, it is important to check that you have purchased both hook and loop rolls as the rolls tend to contain either the hook or loop side of the velcro. The hook has a rough and scratchy surface whereas the loop is soft and fluffy, both feel completely different for easy distinction. Self adhesive velcro come in either standard, acrylic or fire retardant adhesive velcro. Standard self adhesive velcro is for general purpose uses and suitable to stick to most surfaces except PVC vinyl or any plasticised surface, the tape can be opened and closed thousands of times before the velcro losses it’s fastening strength. As with velcro by the tape, standard self adhesive velcro is available in white or black, with widths between 10mm and 30mm readily available from retailers. Standard self adhesive velcro is not suitable for plastic surfaces but if the velcro is needed for such surfaces then you can find acrylic self adhesive velcro which is a water based product which is suitable for any PVC vinyl or surface containing plasticisers except polyethylene or polypropylene. Velcro cable ties is a safe secure and reusable alternative to plastic cable ties. Velcro cable ties tend to be easier to use and adjust than plastic cable ties.



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