Matching prints and colours are in

The weather may have been a little confused over recent weeks, but it seems as if fashion trends are anything but. Writing in the Guardian recently, Jess Cartner-Morley noted that co-ordinating prints and colours are in this season.

Describing the trend as “matchy matchy”, she took the examples of ensembles sported by Jessica Biel, Rihanna and a model for a Stella McCartney show.

Jessica Biel had been photographed wearing a stylish top and trouser combination in matching orange, while Rihanna was in a coordinated blue outfit with a subtle print. The model, meanwhile, was wearing a blue top with a bold black and orange pattern that was carried through in her slim-fit trousers.

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Ms Cartner-Morley remarked: “Wearing a matching top and bottom – in either a print, or a bright colour – is this summer’s in-the-know look.”

According to the writer, this turnaround began nearly two years ago when Marc Jacobs started the “luxe-pyjama trend”.

She added: “Those who assumed this was a fly-by-night trend have been proved wrong: instead, the trend for matching tops and bottoms has gained in stature.”

The fashion enthusiast went on to state: “This is not a cowed retreat to colour co-ordination, but a new generation who have grown up with mix-and-match as the reigning style orthodoxy discovering the visceral power of a head-to-toe matching look.”

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