C’mon baby light My…. ‘Fire Ltd!!!’

Since their inception over a decade ago, MyFire Ltd has become one of the biggest, most reliable providers of gas fire suppression systems nationwide and, with over two decades experience in the UK fire and security industry; Mike Yarrow (managing director) has become the leader of a renowned team of knowledgable experts who can both install and regularly maintain infallible gas fire suppression packages to any scale operation within any workplace both swiftly and affordably.

To put simply, rather than pay above the odds, face the unnecessary hassle of having to restore years’ worth of backed up computer data or indeed, paying emergency service fines incurred when coming across a fire that could have easily been prevented; a gas fire suppression system is a time and cost-effective method of avoiding the negative implications and risks posed by an unprovoked fire, caused by a flawed computer hub.

Gas fire suppression systems- like the ones professionally installed by MyFire Ltd- are usually failsafe and will swiftly extinguish a fire caused directly by computers housed within a confined space. A Gas fire suppression system can be tailored around the dimensions of any computer room and will cater for pretty much any working environment, no matter how big or small.

Specialising not simply in the installation of gas fire suppression systems but also the ongoing maintenance of gas fire suppression packages, room integrity testing and holistic project management services; MyFire Ltd has fast-become an ‘all for one and one for all’ automatic fire safety company who remain dedicated to seeking newer, more revolutionary products and services in order to improve their own. What’s more, each and every employee who works alongside Mike in this highly regarded company is both qualified and experienced in fitting and repairing forward-thinking gas fire suppression systems, and before their employment, will vetted to the highest degree and tested on their skills and knowledge base to ensure their installations are fault free everytime .

If you are looking for seamless, trustworthy (life and company saving) gas fire suppression systems, visit www.myfireltd.co.uk to find out more!



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