Energy Efficient Lighting – The Green Choice

In recent years, we have all become much more aware of our environment and the very real impact our actions as a human race can have on the planet we live on. Global warming and climate change have been on everyone’s mind in the past ten years and there has been a massive drive to change our consumption habits in order to reduce our impact on the planet. This has not always been easy, but now, more than ever, it is perfectly possible to become more eco-friendly simply by choosing the products we use more carefully. One product which has really helped in the quest to become more environmentally friendly is energy efficient lighting.

Energy Efficient Lighting

Changing the lighting source in your home or office is one of the simplest ways of helping the environment and reducing energy consumption. You see, incandescent bulbs, which are traditionally used, are huge energy suckers. Not only do they produce light, but they also produce unnecessary heat too. By switching from incandescent bulbs to energy efficient lighting sources such as LED lighting, you could cut your lighting energy consumption by as much as 80% which can only be a good thing for the planet.

Timers and Sensors

When it comes to energy efficient lighting, it is not only the source of the lighting which is important but, also the way we use our lighting. Most of us will be guilty of leaving lights on when we leave a room and even if you have the most energy efficient lighting source, this can be a major hindrance to energy saving. Luckily, it is now possible to install timers and sensors which will ensure that lights are only switched on when needed and not at other times.

Save Money with Energy Efficient Lighting

Not only can you help to save the environment by switching to energy efficient lighting, but you can also save money on the cost of your electricity bills. As energy efficient lighting uses up to 80% less electricity to run. You could see a huge difference in your energy bills should you make the switch to energy efficient lighting. offers high quality energy efficient lighting ‘which doesn’t cost the earth’. To learn more about the best LED products visit their website today.