Patterson Ryan Wireworkers – quality weld mesh for construction reinforcement

Used in many modern constructions, weld mesh is used as a reinforcement material, being set inside the concrete that forms the building’s foundations. Replacing the older building reinforcement technique of placing parallel steel bars with accurate spacing between them into concrete, weld mesh is capable of more precise dimensional control, saving on construction costs, labour costs, and on time.

Specialising in quality weld mesh, Patterson Ryan Wireworkers are a company who pride themselves on their ability to manufacture a wide range of weld mesh products from a number of materials. Established back in 2001, Patterson Ryan Wireworkers were formed from two of the most renowned wire working companies in the North East, so their level of experience within the industry is unrivalled by any other company.

The weld mesh from Patterson Ryan Wireworkers is available in a variety of different materials, each providing specific solutions to reinforcement applications.

The stainless steel weld mesh from Patterson Ryan Wireworkers is available in a number of mesh sizes, anything from as small as 2 mesh to 500 mesh. Manufactured to the highest weld mesh quality, the skilled engineers guarantee the durability, strength and accuracy of all their products.

If you’re looking for weld mesh that’s able to accommodate those tricky to realise constructions, Patterson Ryan Wireworkers are capable of providing custom-made weld mesh. Capable of being formed into long or short lengths, this custom weld mesh is available in widths up to 2 meters. Unlike other providers of weld mesh, Patterson Ryan Wireworkers are even able to provide weld mesh with a protecting zinc coating which helps to better slow down the process of rusting.

To find out more about Patterson Ryan Wireworkers and the weld mesh they produce, visit them online today and ensure that you have the quality weld mesh your project requires.



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