TLC Tanker Rental Limited offer a selection of vacuum tanker rental of any business in the UK

TLC Tanker Rental Limited is the UKs premier source for all manner of tanker rental. Whether you’re in the market for a vacuum tanker, or indeed if you have designs on milk tanks for sufficient transportation, then the first name on your lips should be TLC Tanker Rental.

With a modern and comprehensive fleet of vacuum tanker designs, not to mention an ever-increasingly saturated fleet of tankers of all designs, here at TLC Tanker Rental we have something to manage your demands proficiently. Indeed, with a stockpile of two hundred tankers we are always on hand to provide you with the solutions that you desire.

In addition to the comprehensive vacuum tanker collection, we are also proud to offer one of the most meticulous and diligent maintenance and repair services of any business in the UK. Indeed, whatever the issue that you are faced with we have the capacity to fulfil your expectations with a modicum of difficulty.

Indeed, whether you require the simple modification of a simple bumper replacement or indeed require the complete refurbishment of a vacuum tanker, here at TLC Tanker Rental Limited we have the technical expertise to manage the project actively.

The fleet of tankers that we can offer you is as diverse as the tankers themselves are sure to provide you with just the solutions that you require. The ADR vacuum tanker of our fleet is a clear example of the superiority of our fleet. Available for immediate hire this three thousand litre vacuum tanker features a high specification, fully hydraulic rear door and Hatz donkey engine, as well as a five hundred cfm vacuum pump.

To find out more information about TLC Tanker Rental, or indeed to view the complete collection of vacuum tanker, or the complete range of tankers in our fleet, then you need only come and pay us a visit online at:



Hire a Vacuum Tanker from We’re specialists in tanker rental and our fleet is able to suit most all duties, from bitumen to milk. Visit us online today if you’re looking for Tanker Rental.