Wireless Thermostat

Any reputable plumber will tell you that any heating system is only as good as the controls that control it. SO basically if you have a poor control system in your home you could be wasting lots of money on your energy bills. A simple solution to this is to have a wireless thermostat installed as you can then control your central heating at the touch of a button.

Even the most basic of wireless thermostat will save you money as they are really easy to operate. A basic wireless thermostat can operate your central heating system from a distance of around 30 metres, and it comes with a strength indicator to show you if you are in a sufficient range or not. It can change the temperature of your boiler from around five degrees up to 35 degrees, so no matter what the how cold or how hot the weather is outside you can control the temperature inside at the touch of a button without moving from your bed or arm chair!

It doesn’t matter if you have a gas or oil fired central heating system, an electric one or under floor heating a wireless thermostat can work with all of these different systems. All wireless thermostats should be fitted with an ECO control button which is basically an energy saving feature that allows a timed setback, or a feature that boosts temperatures to reduce energy demand.

If you think your home would benefit from a wireless thermostat, or you are paying too much for your energy at present, then it would pay you to contact your local plumber or electrician. Ask them to give you a call and explain how the wireless thermostat works. You can find some very useful websites on the internet that have some great information for potential customers to read.

You could also pay a visit to your nearest DIY superstore as they will also have a wireless thermostat specialist to whom you can talk to and ask them any questions that you may need answering. One thing is certain once you have seen how easy a wireless thermostat is to operate you will want one for your home.




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