Moxlee Mobile Medicals offers reliable occupational health services

Are you intent on finding a business that can offer you a selection of the finest occupational health services? Have you decided that given the nature of your business that suitable health screening is necessary pre offer of employment? If so then the services of Moxee Mobile Medicals is just for you.

Here at Moxlee Medical Mobiles we are proud to be one of the foremost occupational health services of any business in the UK. We have selection of services that are as intrinsic for employment in some roles as they are prudent to ensure the safety of you and your employees. Indeed, from pre-employment medical examinations to employee health assessment the occupational health services of Moxlee are perfect for all manner of circumstances.

The pre-employment medical examinations of Moxlee Mobile Medicals enable the correct placement of workers in a role. Both physical and mental competences are assessed by Moxlee’s occupational health services, and therefore the idea candidate is matched with the ideal role. Additional occupational health services can be offered by us, there include exit medical examinations. Such services record the health status of workers on the termination of contract, so that litigation is, in all possible cases, avoided.

The reason for outsourcing occupational health services is that the continuous evolution and increasingly complex nature of occupational health and safety legislation, an increasing number of businesses and institutions are outsourcing for those comprehensive occupational health services that are paramount for proficient performance in the workplace. In addition, with recent amendments to the Occupational Health and Safety Act the responsibility falls with employers to provide occupational health services that protect employees. In order to concentrate on more vital aspects of the business, an increasingly large amount of employers outsource for all their occupational health services.

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