SSSTS courses that are run by a highly competent company

When professionals who work in the construction industry are about to progress their career by becoming a supervisor, they will need to know what this role will ask of them so that they are fully prepared. However, if their knowledge is not current they could endanger the lives of those who they will be in charge of as they’ll not be fully aware of what to actually do. Thanks to SSSTS courses which we are in charge of organising, this needn’t ever be the situation that professionals ever face because the knowledge which we inform you about is invaluable.

Held over two days, an SSSTS course which we run will teach those who attend with an understanding about health, safety, environmental and welfare issues that will soon be part of their daily work routine. It will also actively demonstrate to them about the many legal responsibilities which they’ll be involved with as well.

Our SSSTS course has multiple aims and objectives. This includes what their duties will now be and the expectations which their new role will ask of them. They will also know how to contribute towards a safe working environment. The assessment process is completed thanks to a series of multiple-choice questions and it is expected of attendees to participate fully during the learning process. When delegates have passed their SSSTS course, they will know exactly how to carry out risk assessments, be able to monitor the activities of a site, know what the problems of the industry are as well as how to apply Health and Safety in a supervisory role.

It is recommended that once SSSTS courses have been completed participants should refresh their knowledge after five years. However, with the on-going changes in legislation and the quality of technology improving this should instead be three years.