If you’re in the market for a fingerprint scanner then you need only consider Sentinel Biometrics

Have you decided that the security of your workplace is of paramount concern? Does the thought of installing a deadbolt to keep unwanted intruders out of the premises simply not appeal? If so there a fingerprint scanner could provide you with the optimum security measures for your workplace.

Here at Sentinel Biometrics we are well versed as one of the leading retailers of biometric solutions of any business in South Africa. The biometric solutions that we provide our clients with fulfil a multitude of different requirements. From biometric access control to restrict individual access to areas of your premises to products that assist you in reducing your payroll costs, here at Sentinel Biometrics we have a catalogue of products that promote valued peace of mind.

Here at Sentinel Biometrics we take immense pride in our capacity to offer, not only a selection of the foremost fingerprint scanner devices in the UK but, a level of customer service that simply will not be beaten by any competing retailers on the continent.

With over a decade of experience we have the capacity to offer our customers a fingerprint scanner that is as innovative as it is affordable. Our experience has empowered Sentinel Biometrics with the capacity to identify and deliver to you a fingerprint scanner, not to mention so of the foremost biometric products in the UK.

Indeed, the prowess of the collection of fingerprint scanner designs there is little doubt that we can more than adequately secure any commercial premises. Our Suprema BioLite Solo fingerprint scanner features a five hundred dpi optical sensor, the fingerprint identification speed is less than one second, and with a cutting edge multi-colour LED and multi-tone buzzer there is little doubt of the revolutionary technology in each of the fingerprint scanner products of our catalogue.

To browse the complete selection of fingerprint scanner products that we can offer you, or indeed if you’d like to ask any questions of us, then come online to: www.sentinelbiometrics.co.za.




A fingerprint scanner sounds like it belongs in the future but you can have one today from Sentinel Biometrics. Throw away your keys which can lost or stolen and replace them with a biometric access control system!