Check any car value first

So it’s time to pick out a new car. After years of sterling service it’s time to ship on the old one and upgrade to something newer and more luxurious. Out there on the forecourt prospective buyers are confronted by a sea of vehicles with lots of different sticker prices. Every model these days comes with different extras and specifications. The mileage and overall condition will vary enormously. It can be hard to figure out what a vehicle is worth and if buyers don’t have the facts at their fingertips they are playing into the dealer’s hands.

Any dealer wants to maximise his profit on a vehicle. That’s their job, but as anyone who is any good at haggling will know, those sticker prices aren’t set in stone. There’s always some wiggle room on car prices. A buyer who has done their research and knows about car value is much better placed to bag themselves a great deal and than someone going in blind.

There are companies out there who research the entire market to keep track of car prices. They publish this information in guides, both in print and online. Smart buyers always consult this information to make sure they can get themselves a good deal. Those who prepare never end up paying over the odds and know how to bring the dealer down to get some additional discount.

Working out car value shouldn’t be guesswork. This is a major purchase, one of the biggest most people ever make. No one should even think about going in and handing over thousands of pounds without making sure they are getting themselves a good deal, but it’s amazing to think that’s what so many people do.

A guide to prices and value is an invaluable tool. It gives people the information they need to make a smart purchase and avoid paying too much for any car.

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