Indisk Mat Stockholm

With the wide availability of all kinds of spices it is easy to recreate Indian food. If you love to eat authentic Indian curry or samosas then you can easily prepare them in your own kitchen. Indian food is a diverse range and variety of regional cuisine; these variations differ significantly from each other as each region only uses herbs and spices grown in their own specific region. The differences are due to the soil type and climate in each area. Religion and culture play a huge part in Indian food.

The usual diet in India consisted of fruit, vegetables, grain, honey and dairy products, poultry and meat. Consumption of beef is considered taboo due to the fact the Hindus believe cattle to be sacred and it is very rare to find beef in Indian dishes. Any beef used in India is from the buffalo. Lots of Indian dishes are cooked in vegetable oil but other oils such as peanut oil are popular in the northern and western regions of India. Coconut oil is used on the Western coast and mustard oil is used in the East.

Gujarati cuisine is mainly vegetarian cuisine, but Gujarati cuisine can differ in flavour depending on the region. Some of the less popular known styles of Indian food in the Western world include Jharkhand which is usually not available in restaurants as this type of cuisine has not been commercialised yet. Oils and spices are only used on special occasions and for producing pickles and are used in mainly tribal areas. A snack made of eggplant is popular in Jharkhand and a dish prepared with sugar coconut and flour is a favourite sweet dish.

A great way to find a supplier of Indian food and spices is online via the internet. Most companies now have a website where they can showcase their services and products to the world. The websites will have all the information you need and you can order online and pay online. If you go to an online search engine it is easy to find these companies just type ‘Indian food’ into the search engine and it will return a list of company website specialising in Indian food.

Experience new flavors by learning to cook delicious Indian food in Stockholm. Chef Rajesh Bhardwaj is a chef with great experience of creating delicious Tandoori dishes and can teach you his secrets.



Upplev nya smaker genom att lära dig laga fantastisk Indisk mat Stockholm. Kock Rajesh Bhardwaj är en kock med mycket erfarenhet av att göra fantastiska Tandoor rätter och kan lära dig alla hans hemliga knep