The Exotic Paper Company – recycled paper products promoting sustainability

Despite the rise in tablet computers and ebooks, paper remains a popular medium – a medium that’s unlikely to ever be entirely replaced. Unfortunately, while our use of paper may not have decreased, our concern over the environmental impact our paper usage is having on the planet is undoubtedly increasing.

Over the past decade more and more recycled paper products have made it to market, contributing to the reduction in deforestation. Not solely down to our forest destruction, the negative environmental effects from paper production are also the result of the bleaches added to the wood pulp.

Specialising in a wide range of recycled paper products, The Exotic Paper Company pride themselves on their innovative product range, providing quality paper, gifts, stationery sets and great craft ideas.

The recycled paper products from The Exotic Paper Company are made from 100% recycled post consumer waste that’s collected from schools and offices throughout the UK. With no bleach, detergents or acids added to any of their recycled paper products, The Exotic Paper Company guarantee that no harmful chemicals are present.

While staying away from the harmful additives, The Exotic Paper Company do add a certain something to their recycled paper products – elephant or rhino dung.

As well as their more ‘standard’ recycled paper products (if they can be called that), The Exotic Paper Company also specialise in handmade silk recycled paper products ideal for use as gift wrap.

Promoting sustainable living and environmentally sound principles, The Exotic Paper Company’s recycled paper products are approved by the National Association of Paper Merchants and are members of the British Association of Fair Trade Shops.

To find out more about the recycled paper products from The Exotic Paper Company, visit them online today and make sure that you have the quality supplies you need.



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