Ace Adventures – stag weekends you won’t forget

If you’re the best man, good luck. Typically held responsible for the planning and organisation of stag weekends, the best man is often faced with a difficult decision: to stick with tradition or to go for something a little different.

Unfortunately for most, stag weekends end up being a disappointing mix of both, with the guys heading out for a night out on the tiles (tradition) wearing some outrageous fancy-dress getup (something a little different) that only serves to make the old woman’s police line-up identification the morning after that little bit easier.

Breaking away from the norm, Ace Adventures organise some of the best outdoor activities around, specialising in a number of wild activities that are great for stag weekends. Providing transport, accommodation and entertainment, the stag weekends from Ace Adventures are fully taken care of – the best man need never worry about a think.

Established in 2006, Ace Adventures have been putting on stag weekends for the past six years now, seeing soon-to-be-married men embarking on wild and (genuinely) dangerous outdoor activities that get the blood racing and see those adrenaline levels shooting sky high.

Popular with stag weekends, white water rafting is a wild, high-speed jaunt down tricky, difficult-to-manage rapids in the heart of the Cairngorms National Park. Other activities for those stag weekends are canyoning, paintballing and canoeing.

Don’t worry though, with bars, clubs and restaurants all close by, those stag weekends aren’t lacking the provisions that help ease nervous and awkward social activity.

No matter the age or ability of your party, the stag weekends from Ace Adventures have great variety of outdoor activities available.

To find out more about the stag weekends from Ace Adventures, visit them online today and make sure you indulge in those raucous, rowdy activities on your friend’s last night of freedom.



Stag Weekends to remember! Mostly remember! Ace Adventures are a company with one aim – to give you and your friends the finest stag weekends possible. We can organise venues or events such as White Water Rafting and practically anything else you’ve never dared to try!