Give your company profile a boost with promotional pens

As the recession continues to bite, innovative marketing remains a vital way for companies to promote their business. Getting the attention of potential customers can be half the battle. Functional items like promotional pens are a great way of catching the eye of new clients.

Promotional pens can feature key information including your company name, logo, website and/or slogan. These promotional pens can then be given away to customers, potential customers and business contacts and because pens are used on a daily basis they are an effective way of imprinting your business onto people’s minds. Promotional pens can generate business enquiries months after they are initially given out.

Promotional pens come in a range of colours and styles – the choice is yours. The colour of your promotional pens may well be dictated by your corporate colours and it’s a great idea to remain consistent with your pallet of colours to help build brand recognition amongst your client base. The style of your promotional pens may well depend upon the budget you can allocate to them. Fairly basic promotional pens will usually take the form of a plastic biro with your company name printed. For more eye-catching designs you may want to choose promotional pens which are metal rather than plastic and perhaps feature ink rollers or gel rather than a standard biro. Standing out from the crowd is important with any promotional item. Promotional highlighter pens are a great way of doing this.

To keep the cost of your promotional pens low it may be worth ordering them in bulk. Most firms will offer a cheaper unit price for a large order of promotional pens and it saves you from having to make another order at a later date. It also means you have promotional pens at hand if you are invited to a last minute event or conference. In business it pays to be prepared!

If you’re sold on the idea of promotional pens, offer a great range of promotional pens with prices starting from as little as 12p per pen. Experts in promotional gifts, not only offer promotional pens, but also promotional mugs, umbrellas, USBs and clothing. With a fast turn around and huge range of products, they’re the right choice for all your promotional products.



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