Mark Cole Builders Brentwood – Never one nail short of a full toolkit

Years after purchasing that two-up, two-down you spent years lusting after with a loved one that sits nestled in one of the UK’s prime countryside locations- where sheep and cows roam freely and the aroma of manure wafts through your French windows on a weekly basis when the combine’s are out fertilising the land for the season’s new influx of crops- you’ve now spent months scrimping and saving for your entire ‘wish list’ of fixtures and fittings. And now- lay boxed and dormant in your double garage- you have a Magnolia antique-aged Belfast sink that will go simply perfectly with the vintage, olive-green AGA that it rests upon, the Italian ceramic mosaic tiles that lay to its left and the set of Denby Pottery Pans to which it resides adjacent to. In fact, you can’t move in your house without manoeuvring past all manner of items and, from the multi-coloured 70’s Shagpile to the luxury four-poster; you don’t know where to start!

If you are looking for builders Brentwood with an eye for detail; builders Brentwood who can undertake any scale building operation- from a simple kitchen re-fit to a complete refurbishment; builders Brentwood with a catwalk chic sense of style and even better, builders Brentwood who offer all this at affordable rates within your stringent budget; look no further than Mark Cole Builders Brentwood- the Home Improvement Specialist.

Since their inception as a company of reliable, competitively priced builders Brentwood, Mark Cole is a group of passionately dedicated individuals who commit their working lives to ever-expanding their knowledge and skills of home improvements; all to remain at the forefront of their trade and as the best builders Brentwood who can achieve the most impossible of renovation dreams. And, not to be pigeon-holed as ‘builders Brentwood’ and with ambitions to shake the stereotypical bottom-brandishing, tea supping, biscuit stealing reputation that all-too-often precedes other builders Brentwood; Mark Cole are a three-decade strong team who never make promises they cannot keep and will not rest until they achieve your thumbs-up seal of approval.

Realise your dreams and put into fruition your Grand Designs plans with Mark Cole builders Brentwood. Visit to find out more.



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