Slash administration times with fuel cards

Paperwork, bureaucracy and administration are a big hidden cost to any organisation. The time staff spend on unnecessarily time consuming administrative tasks is time that could be better spent elsewhere. What is particularly frustrating is when these processes could be better designed and simplified. There’s nothing worse than wasting time on something that could so obviously be easier and slicker.

Take expense claims from company car drivers for example. If drivers are submitting individual claims on individual credit cards, then someone is going to be saddled with an awful lot of unnecessary paperwork. A fuel card for all drivers is a much better system. With a fleet card everything can be billed to one central account. This simply leaves one payment to be made every month and simplifies and streamlines the whole process. This is great news for hard pressed fleet managers

A fleet card is issued to each driver. They are assigned to that particular vehicle, so there’s no chance of misuse. Restrictions can be placed on them too, fuel only for example. By putting all purchases through one card system it’s possible to get a better deal on the price paid for fuel too. Not only does a fuel card save time on administration, it helps to save huge amounts of money as well.

There aren’t really any drawbacks or catches. It’s the streamlined and sensible way to manage fuel purchases for fleets. No matter whether it’s just a handful of vehicles or a major fleet. Either way, these cards are the perfect way to manage company fuel purchases.

CSC are one of the UK’s leading card scheme operators. They have a variety of schemes and options available to suit different organisation’s needs and requirements. A card scheme from CSC is the right way forward to better manage fleet costs and transform the way expense claims are handled.

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