Try Bridging Finance for a quick cash solution

If you needed cash in a hurry for a short term basis would you consider a Bridging Loan from a Bridging Finance company? Bridging Finance is a flexible solution that gives you the cash you need for a temporary amount of time until you can arrange longer term finance. It’s a handy option to consider if you are considering buying a property and need funds available as soon as possible before a fixed rate mortgage can be put into place, that’s what makes Bridging Finance so popular. In particular Bridging Finance is great if you are buying a property at auction and it needs renovations, it’s simple but effective way to secure money on an interim basis.

Tell more about Bridging Finance

Okay, say you’ve spotted a property that’s coming up at a local auction, it’s in a sad state of disrepair but if you buy it at the right price, renovate it to a high standard you know you can make profit on the dwelling. This is the ideal time to apply for a Bridging Loan from a Bridging Finance firm. They can provide you with Bridging Finance that enables you to buy the property at a knock-down price and it gives you a great position to act fast when you need it the most. Do the property up and it’s going to shoot up in value, you can them remortgage, pay off the Bridging Finance and be the proud owner of a dwelling that has a large amount of equity already built in. Bridging Finance puts you in a strong position when you are buying properties and it’s a simple no-fuss solution.

Can anyone apply for Bridging Finance?

Approach a Bridging Finance company to apply for a Bridging Loan and they are willing to consider all circumstances. Bridging Finance is available for any amount and applications will be considered even if you’ve had a poor credit history in the past. You can discuss your individual requirements for Bridging Finance through commercial mortgage companies, the team at Lerwick Group are one firm you might like to consider. They provide a variety of clients with Bridging Finance and can release funds within 48 hours of receiving all relevant paperwork.



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