Designing Printed Plastic Cards

There are many ways in which you can customise the look of printed plastic cards so that they are branded for your business or personalised for your users. You can choose from a variety of different card styles and even have custom shapes created. Combo cards contain both key fob and membership card style cards which can provide your members with a dual means of being able to use your services. You can also choose colour, encoding method, personalisation, and card design.


There are various shapes and types of plastic card that you can choose from. The standard plastic card is the same size and shape as a credit card which means that people are able to conveniently store them in their purse or wallet, handbag, or even in their shirt or trouser pocket or card holder. Fobs are smaller and can connect to keys while a combo card includes both sizes. An event card is a larger version of the standard plastic card.


When it comes to the shape of the card, the general shape is one of a rectangle but you can use alternative dimensions to create exactly the style of plastic card you require. As well as being able to create different sizes of rectangle, you can also opt for very different shapes. Caterers could have bite-shaped cut outs which would make for ideal business cards.


Another way in which you can completely customise the design of your plastic cards is through the printing of your logo, name, and other visual elements of branding. This means that you can choose a colour for the card itself and then further customise the design with the addition of graphics and lettering. It is also possible to add personal details of the card holder, shopper, or account member.


When designing your plastic cards it is important that you don’t forget to leave room for magnetic strips and other forms of electronic registration and membership details. It is also possible to include a signature strip so that you can choose exactly the type and use of card that you wish to create.


To see other ways in which you can customise printed plastic cards, visit where you can design and order your business, membership, loyalty, or other plastic cards.