The versatility of Virkon

Virkon is a widely used disinfectant that and it can be used to control both human and animal health and hygiene. Places such as farms, vets, Zoo’s, kennels, catteries, animal sanctuaries and other places where animals are kept can benefit from using Virkon to try and prevent the spread of common fungi, viruses and bacteria. The range of Virkon products is suitable for use with birds, animals, fish and reptiles and can be used in living and sleeping areas for general hygiene purposes. Disease and infection control is one of the biggest concerns amongst people who keep animals especially people like farmers who rely on their animals being fit and healthy to make their living. Common diseases such as foot and mouth, bird flu and other common animal related illnesses can be prevented with the use of Virkon disinfectant products and it can also prevent these viruses and diseases spreading if there is ever an outbreak.

The range of Virkon products includes tablets, powders and sachets most of which are diluted with water to a particular concentrate depending on what it is being used for. One of the main reasons why Virkon disinfectant products are so popular is because they are very versatile. Virkon can be used within an animal’s cage, tank or barn; it can be rubbed on animal’s fur and spread around their habitat to keep animal’s disease, virus and fungus free. Virkon can be placed in disinfectant foot baths and used with both animals and humans when they walk into different areas for effective disease control.

Virkon disinfectant products are DEFRA approved and they are well known for their effectiveness at controlling pandemics and epidemics. It is one of the most versatile disinfectants in the world and can even be used within the home to keep pets healthy and hygienic. As well as being used with animals, replies, fish and birds Virkon is also wieldy used in hospitals, laboratories and dentists surgeries as it provides effective disinfection for hard surfaces where infection control is of the up most importance.



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