Prepare for the unexpected with Ice Aid’s medic alert bracelets.

Ice-Aid are a revolutionary company based in South Africa specialising in the provision of identity bracelets. We are all aware that accidents happen every day with the increase in road users road traffic accidents are on the increase but general emergencies happen every second of every day in every part of the world, we do not claim to be able to stop these emergencies occurring, what we can do is help whenever these unfortunate incidents occur. Due to our forward thinking we have developed a medic alert bracelet with a difference incorporating the technology of the day and age with an innovative SMS unique number so that medical records can be obtained quickly and accurately.

Medical ID bracelets have been around for many years usually worn by allergy sufferers commonly people allergic to penicillin etc. We decided that that wasn’t enough and developed a system where a simple text from an emergency responder can get not only the patients identification and medical history but also inform the person’s next of kin of the accident or incident.

The process is simple when you buy an Ice Aid medic alert bracelet we ask you to complete a thorough medical report highlighting any allergies as well as medical records and medicines prescribed these records can be updated on an ad-hoc basis we will then provide you with one of our silicone simple medical ID bracelets with a unique reference clearly visible on the side. In the event of an emergency or when worn by a child if they wonder off the person who responds can simply text the SMS number on our medical ID bracelets and the identification and records are provided within 30 seconds.

The medic alert bracelets are ideal for everyone but in particular those with allergies, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, special needs and blood disorders. Contact us today to prepare for all eventualities.



Medic alert bracelets from are in perfect working order and pristine condition and function productively and proficiently. Medical ID bracelets are flying off the shelves due to their superb quality.