Steps to take to help the selling process

Being in the middle of a property chain can seem a powerless position, with very little to be done. However, a little productivity on your part can go a long way and push others within the chain to move forward too.

One of the most important elements of ensuring any chain is strong is that each seller thoroughly vets their buyers. The best estate agents will know to check a buyer has a purchaser in place for their property, has a mortgage agreed and has a solicitor in place before proceeding with an offer.

It is up to the vendor to check these details have been assessed and this is something that you should never let slide. Asking to see documentation proving each factor has been checked is important and ensures everybody is on the same page.

On occasion, the major hold-up in a property chain can be the price of one property bringing the whole deal crashing down. Asking your estate agent to find out about the delay will show if this is the case. If it is, you can take the lead, suggesting every party drops their asking price by as little as three or four percent.

Taking this action can help a great deal, particularly if there is a first time buyer in the chain. The best estate agents will be experienced enough to know the viability of such a suggestion and many seemingly doomed chains have recovered from taking such steps before.

There are many other steps that can be taken to move chains along, including serving notice for completion. The best person to ask for ideas to ensure the safe sale of your home is your agent. To help find local estate agents with strong experience at managing sales, we recommend reading the impartial estate agent reviews listed at

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