Pamper pooches in made to measure Dog cages

Spaniel safety, that’s important when you are making a journey in a car and you are taking your faithful friend along with you during the trip. It’s important to keep your pet safe whilst they are travelling in your vehicle and they need to be comfortable as well. This is where custom made dog cages are worth their weight in gold, made to measure Dog cages are the ideal accessory to fit into the rear of a vehicle if you regularly make road trips with a four-legged pet. Install Dog cages in cars and pets have their own secure area which stops them fretting during their travels. Dog cages are designed to fit perfectly into the rear of a vehicle, no matter what make or model of car you might own. You can fit them yourself and once Dog cages are in place they are sturdy and secure.

Take the stress out of canine travel

No doting dog owner wants their precious pet worked up during their travels so fitting dog cages makes a great deal of sense. There are going to be times when Rex has to travel in your car, there’s no escaping this fact, and this is where Dog cages come into their own. Once installed, custom fit Dog cages ensure your pet has their own space to enjoy the journey without becoming over-excited. Fit Dog cages into cars and pets can’t leap over back seats or be tossed around in the rear of the vehicle; they are cosy and safe inside their own doggy zone. Dog cages help you as the driver and your beloved pet travel in comfort and journeys are more enjoyable when this type of feature is fitted.

It doesn’t take long to fit dog cages either

Order Dog cages online and they are supplied on a DIY fit basis. Don’t worry though; you don’t require any specialist training to fit Dog cages because anyone with basic DIY skills will soon have the cages fitted inside their vehicle. And you won’t need a mechanic’s toolbox to fit the Dog cages either, just a few basic tools are all you require to fit them inside your car. They come with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions which take you through the installation process gently, take your time and the Dog cages will be installed sooner than you think.



Travall Dog Guards And Cages is a company that specialises in made to measure dog cages that fit your car perfectly. Our dog guards are designed with a particular vehicle in mind and come at competitive prices.