Create the Rustic Look with Hardwood Flooring

Although modern architectural requirements have transformed the use of materials within the structural foundations of a building, wood remains a prominent feature throughout traditional residential and commercial properties. Due to their sturdy nature and solidity, such buildings remain in existence to this day as they continue to bear the marks of the Victorian era. Rustic pubs are an archetypal example of buildings that have stood the test of time and have retained their aesthetical qualities via the use of wood. Buildings which prominently feature wooden beams and pillars provide a prime opportunity for owners to continue a rustic theme by integrating hardwood flooring and wooden box sash windows to create the traditional look.

While residential and commercial buildings are now predominately constructed using bricks and mortar through all foundation areas, wood can still remain prominent within the internal aspect. Despite increased popularity with modern interior designs which has culminated in unique, retro chic décor and furniture options, oak is still utilised within the manufacturing of tables and chair frameworks.

The option of integrating solid wood floors throughout a residential property allows homeowners to inject aesthetical qualities into their property which carpet and laminate flooring cannot offer. The natural qualities of timber, which further increase as wood matures in character over a period of time, can bring out the best features in décor and furniture placed within the same room.

Whether it accompanies wooden worktops within a kitchen or provides a comfortable living room environment, hardwood flooring allows homeowners to create the rustic look. This can not only create a warm environment as the true qualities of wood shines through, but also be enjoyed by homeowners and prospective guests who reap the full visual qualities. As solid wood floors are available in a number of timbers, it provides flexibility and considerable choice to allow for wooden flooring to be both practical and appropriate within any room.

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