Solar Panel and Wind Turbine

Solar Panel and Wind Turbine

We are currently living in really hard financial times, our country is really struggling and as such our GDP is increasing with each and every month and as such the average per lending is increasing. This financial crisis is also affecting our energy bills. Energy companies have recently upped their unit prices for gas and electricity. It is this price increase that is causing our monthly bills to be bigger than they were last year. The increase in bills along with inflation being higher than our wage increases combining to leave us with less and less money. This article is aimed at discussing way in which we can try and save money with items such as solar panels. This article will also discuss where you can find these energy saving items.

Solar panels and other energy saving products.

There are many products that you can incorporate into your house to try and save energy and money some of these items include:

* Energy saving light bulbs – switching to 11w or lower energy saving light bulbs can really help you to save money in your home. Not only do energy saving bulbs save you money by using less electricity, they can also save you money by lasting longer than conventional light bulbs.
* Water butt – Having a water butt can also help you save money, this mainly relies on you having a water meter installed in your home. If you do have a water meter then a water butt can help you to water your garden without eating into your water usage for your showers.
* Solar panels (south, west, north or east facing) these can really save you money on your energy bills. Having solar panels installed in your home can save as much as £70/year. That figure doesn’t sound much but if you look at that over 40 years then that would be £2800 that you could use to buy something nice.

If you would still like more information on solar panels south west or any other area then this can be found by entering the keyword ‘solar panels’ into an internet search engine.



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