Do I Need A New Golf Trolley Battery?

Noticed your golf trolley isn’t as quick or responsive as it used to be? Might be that you need to replace the golf trolley battery in order for the trolley itself to get back to full working speed. For instance, not replacing the family golf trolley battery might lead to a slow moving golf trolley, and when you’re rushing to beat the oncoming rain, you cannot afford to sit around waiting for your golf trolley to just trundle along and make its way with you. A poor quality or low energy golf trolley battery might also lead to the golf trolley having issues when moving up hills, being unable to get the momentum to mount the hills and make their way over it, resulting in your having to drag or carry your golf trolley up this hill, which is the antithesis of being able to enjoy a golfing trip with the powered assistance of a golf trolley. If you have back or knee problems carrying your golf trolley or pushing it yourself might be a problem, hence why the electronic version exists, but if your golf trolley battery is running out you are definitely not going to see the benefits of having said trolley.

Replacing your golf trolley battery is something that is going to happen whether you’re technically minded or not. If you’re not entirely on the level when it comes to replacing a golf trolley battery, get a friend who knows what they’re doing to get the job done. While you can get a professional to do the job it’s really such a minor operation that it isn’t really worth hiring someone to do. Reading online or in the manual should reveal how to remove the golf trolley battery and replace with a brand new and fully charged golf trolley battery. Hopefully you still have the manual for your golf trolley to be able to do this, but if not be sure to always find an alternative guide for how to remove the golf trolley battery. Hopefully when the golf trolley battery your trolley should be back to full power and capacity.



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